International Groups Fall 2016

For my international groups this year I’ve been participating in both debate and the advisory board for events for Global Engagement Fellowship. Unlike last semester, this semester I have been more involved with the Events board that I have been with debate. This has had to do with many factors, mostly because I have been so busy with academics and various other extracurriculars that I haven’t had time for much besides homework, work, and the play I was directing.

Over all, the events committee has been struggling with how to deal with the ever-expanding pool of GEFs, all of whom have varying interests and availabilities. As someone who was part of the first pool of GEFs, back when there were only about 35 of us, it’s tough for me to grasp how many of us there are now. We’ve done our best to get people involved with events this semester through geographically themed events, especially because we felt it would be a good way for the newer kids to get a bunch of different experiences with the variety of places we could travel. So far this semester we’ve done evens based on the Middle East and Africa, Spain and South America, we attempted to do one on Eastern Europe, and there should be a variety of events next semester focused on other areas of the world. If you were looking forward to the Eastern Europe panel, I would like to apologize because that was my event and with Thanksgiving falling right before it, some wires got crossed, some emails went unanswered (not by me), and it didn’t quite work out. Listen to the music recommendations from the newsletter and I’m sure you’ll forgive me, though!

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