International Event: Roundtable

The second international event that I went to this semester was the roundtable on travel in Spain and South America.  Despite the fact that the number of GEFs has grown so immensely, there were still several people that I knew at the round table.  It was hosted at Second Wind Coffee Shop on campus corner (one of my personal favorite haunts and the place where I barista once a week).  Overall the event was very informal, with everyone sitting around, eating donuts, drinking coffee, and talking about their experiences with study abroad in the countries mentioned, or asking those who had already gone what they thought about the places they went.

The table split fairly cleanly down the middle between the people who had been to Spain and those who had been to Mexico and other Central and South American countries.  Sub-conversations quickly developed spoken in Spanish, with various students describing the different experiences they had had with spoken Spanish in their various countries of residence.  The variety of experiences was extremely interesting to hear about, even for someone like me who ahs already planned all of her study abroad experiences (and none of them involve the countries focused on).  Some students went on exchange programs, some went on journey programs, and some even had internships.  There were a wide variety of experiences which really showcased the variety of options available through OU Study Abroad.  And in the end I even found one of the newer GEFs with whom to practice my French, so it truly was an event with something for everyone.

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