Keeping Perspective

I am genuinely terrified of the direction that this country is heading politically, on both a domestic and international level, but I’m not as terrified as I could be.  Let me explain. Donald Trump has no clue what he’s doing.  He doesn’t know anything about being president; I would be shocked if he even knows what the Supreme Court does.  But the fact that he’s an idiot at least makes him less dangerous.  I urge everyone to remember in this time of terror and horror that should something happen to Donald Trump, Mike Pence will be our president.  And ideologically he is every bit as horrific as Trump, but he actually knows how the system works.  Rather than bumbling through half his presidency trying to figure out that intelligence briefings aren’t an insult to one’s existing intelligence, a president like Pence or Cruz would actually be able to enact horrific legislation with full knowledge of what they are doing.  There were much more competent threats facing us this election than Donald Trump and things could have been much worse.

Now is any of this to say that his incompetence and ineptitude in foreign affairs won’t get us horrifically embroiled in international snafus from which there will be little escape? Of course not. It absolutely could and very well might.  Does any of this mean that Donald, incompetent as he is, will not be used by those same forces of even greater evil as their puppet to accomplish the things we were all afraid of? Of course not.  They certainly can and almost certainly will use him.  Would the US have done unethical things at home and abroad, as they always have, no matter who had been elected? Obviously.  But let us not forget in the flurry of FDT following the election that there are people of whom we should be far more wary.

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